Business Administration: Marketing

Saint Louis University

  • 2 years in Madrid + 2 years in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

    Our marketing concentration is practical and career-oriented. Our undergraduates enhance their prospects for meaningful employment and substantive contributions to society. Complete the first two to three years of your BSBA with a concentration in Marketing in Madrid before transferring to the campus in St. Louis, Missouri for the final year or two years. The curricula on the two campuses are completely integrated. 
  • Our admission criteria are flexible in order to accommodate students coming from different educational systems. 

    Students who have completed their secondary education in the Spanish system must present their marks from the 3rd and 4th year of ESO as well as 1st and 2nd years of Bachillerato, and they must pass Selectividad. Additionally, we require an official academic English exam (TOEFL or IELTS). 

    If you have questions about the requirements for any specific educational system, please contact the Office of Admissions at:
  • Consumer Behavior

    Marketing Analytics

    Marketing Strategy 

    Marketing Channels & Distribution Systems

    Integrated Marketing Communications

    Sports Marketing

    Marketing Research

    Social Media and Digital Marketing

    Retail Management

    Personal Selling

    Sales Management

    International Marketing

    Brand Management

    Marketing Internship

    Brand Management

    Marketing Communications

    Business Development

    Marketing Analytics
  • Salidas

    A business degree with a concentration in marketing will prepare you for a vast range of rewarding and interesting careers.

    The field of marketing encompasses the development and testing of products, design of merchandising and promotional campaigns, creation and management of the relationship with the customer, collection and analysis of information about the marketplace and creation of marketing plans to help employers achieve sales and generate profit.
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  • Lugares


Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

Presencial en Villanueva de la Cañada
5 años. 288 ECTs.
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MSMK University

Presencial en Madrid y London
3 años.
7.800 €/curso

Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca

Presencial en Salamanca
4 años. 240 ECTs.
82 €/crédito

IUBH University of Applied Sciences

Presencial en Berlín
6 semestres. 180 ECTs.
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