Curso de Verano de Design in Gastronomy

IED Madrid Centro Superior de Diseño


Presencial en Madrid

3 semanas.


2.500 €/curso

  • The Design in Gastronomy Summer Course is taught in english and it is divided into two blocks: the first one lasts 2 weeks, from July 10th to July 21st. Last block, from July 24th to July 28th will include a trip to the spanish region La Rioja, famous for its wine.

    Aim: the course is devised so that anyone linked to the world of design and/or gastronomy can acquire the basic knowledge to understand the relationship between them and move more comfortably and professionally between the two. 

    From the interior design of a restaurant to the label on a bottle of wine or a tin of preserves, as well as tableware, the presentation of a recipe blog or the uniform worn by waiting staff. Anything encompassed by the vast term of gastronomy is included in the wide-ranging approach of design.
  • Objetivos

    Discover the deep relationship between Design and Gastronomy with our 3 weeks Summer Course. The course includes a trip to La Rioja, the spanish region famous for its wine.
  • Convocatorias

    Inicio: Julio
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