Degree in Business Administration and Management (bilingüe)

Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir

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Jun. 2018



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  • The Degree in Business Administration and Management (BAM) targets those interested in developing as professionals in the management of businesses and organizations, covering the different perspectives from which they can focus on the business world, be it from the strategic, commercial, financial, productive or human perspective.

    The Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Catholic University of Valencia is offered both through TRADITIONAL and DISTANCE LEARNING by means of the Virtual Campus UCVnet.

    At the same time, within the classroom modality, the degree in BAM is taught in TWO GROUPS: SPANISH AND BILINGUAL. In the bilingual modality, approximately 50% of the subjects are taught in English, so the specific skills are acquired in this language. Thus, to our concern for the individual development of each student that goes through our classrooms and our well-known proximity to the business reality we add to the possibility to grow professionally in the language of business.

    Pursuing the degree in BAM in English allows one to have professional access to the most attractive organizations for the current business world: those that define their business on an international and increasingly demanding level. To pursue a degree in bilingual mode, is a requirement to be admitted to pursue a degree in ADE and demonstrate language proficiency in the second language.Those students who choose to start their studies entirely in Spanish may request their incorporation to the bilingual group, once they prove that they have the linguistic competence suitable for this purpose.

    The Degree in Business Admininistration and Management (BAM) enables the student to perform various management positions in the professional domain and it also allows the student to face entrepreneurial projects in different business activities.

    The knowledge taught is geared toward professional practice, so practicums in businesses and proximity to the business world are essential. The acquisition of knowledge and techniques in business management is supplemented with the acquisition of a high level of social and managerial skills. Furthermore, knowledge of computing and languages is very important.
  • Recommended entry profile

    The student who wishes to study the Degree in Business Administration and Management and business at UCV must have an interest in the economy and aspects related to the operation of the company and its management.

    The student must have a liking for the initiative to create and lead businesses that generate wealth and employment. It will be a person with decision-making and leadership capacity to integrate human teams properly.

    He or she must possess mathematical knowledge that enables him/her to understand and make progress in matters requiring calculation.

    The student must know on a practical level the management of ICTs and have a sufficient level of English to be able to progress in knowledge of business and commercial English.

    The student must be interested in the business world, and it is desirable for them to have initiative and be an entrepreneur to create and lead businesses.

    As any college student, he or she must possess study and organization of time skills. It would be desirable that the student have teamwork skills and is interested in social relations.

    The capacity for analysis and synthesis, the concern for culture and scientific curiosity will be valued positively.

    They must have good communication skills both written and oral that allow them to understand the subjects and at the same time to participate in discussions and presentations.

    Finally it is desirable for the student to have a culture of effort to give the best of him/herself taking advantage of the opportunity afforded to them.
  • First




    ICT Skills

    Management I

    Business English I

    Financial Accounting I

    Corporate Law

    Quantitative Methods for Management


    Marketing I



    Marketing II

    Management II

    Taxation I

    Statistics I

    Financial Mathematics

    International Economics

    Financial Accounting II

    Business English II

    Social Doctrine of The Church

    ICT Skills II



    Corporate Finance I

    Managerial Accounting

    Spain's Economy

    Human Resources Management

    ELEC1. Marketing Plan

    ELEC1. Financial Markets

    ELEC1. Quality and Environmental Management

    ELEC1. Administrative Law

    Taxation II

    Logistics and commercial distribution

    Statistics II

    Business Ethics

    ELEC2. Commercial Communication

    ELEC2. Business Internationalization

    ELEC2. Innovation management

    ELEC2. Labor Law



    Strategic Management


    Corporate Finance II

    Internship I

    ELEC3. Customer Relationship Management

    ELEC3. Entrepreneurship

    ELEC3. Financial Planning and Control

    OP3. Business Contracting

    ELEC4. Product and branding management

    ELEC4. Business growth strategies

    ELEC4. Negotiation with financial institutions

    ELEC4. International Taxation

    ELEC5. Stock Exchange

    ELEC5. Business English Certificate

    ELEC5. Corporate Social Responsability

    ELEC5. Globalization and International Markets

    ELEC5. Internship III

    Internsip II

    Final Dissertation

    • Directors of Administration and Finance in businesses.

    • Financial directors in all types of organizations and businesses.

    • Financial markets.

    • Banking, Stock Exchange, Markets, Financial Instruments.

    • External and Internal Auditor.

    • Tax, financial, administrative, or labor consultant; organization and information and management systems consultant.

    • In public institutions with access through civil service government-run competitive exams.

    • Commercial Director of the Business.

    • Department of Marketing and Business Planning.

    • Advertising, promotional action, product launching.

    • Direction and Control of the Sales Force.

    • Launching of Businesses and Products abroad.

    • Internationalization of the Business.

    • Teacher in vocational education centers.

    • Access to Ph.D. studies.

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