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You’ll make a di?erence in your career thanks to this transformative programme and its global approach. Once you have completed the programme, you will feel con?dent in your abilities to solve any digital challenges you may come up against.

This Executive Master contains both online and onsite sessions, the latter of which will take place in Barcelona during a one-month period. These face-to-face sessions take on a highly strategic approach and focus on the key digital disciplines you need in order to correctly diagnose problems and make decisions.

Furthermore, each subject in the curriculum boasts the support of a team of expert mentors who will help you to ensure your business plan is fully adapted to digital environments. They will become your “board of directors" for the programme’s 12-month duration; they will share  their knowledge with you and o?er you support to help consolidate your new insight and your business.


  • The massive potential your projects will gain thanks to the incorporation of appropriate digital strategies.
  • How to establish your digital objectives, measure them, and optimise them.
  • How to motivate your digital teams, understanding their needs and adapting yourself to each discipline.
  • How to lead a digital project and signi?cantly increase its chances for success.
  • How to establish the most e?cient methodologies to use for each business strategy.
  • How to use growth hacking marketing strategies in order to accelerate your business’s growth.
  • How to manage your brand’s reputation.


All managers must understand digital environments. Whether you rely on in-house teams or you hire third parties to carry out your digital business plans, being able to effectively lead these actions will make all the difference when it comes to reaching success and obtaining the best return on investment.
This Executive Master is for you if:

  • You must make quick and e?cient decisions on digital projects.
  • You already lead teams and/or projects but want further training in order to tackle digital challenges.
  • You want to be more competitive and not lag behind in the employment market.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to ensure your success.
Access to this programme is restricted to candidates who have an academic degree. Candidates who do not hold an academic degree will be able to access the programme by virtue of their professional achievements, training, or equivalent achievements.
Aside from these requirements, candidates must fill in an application for admission and, depending on the result of the application, candidates may be requested to perform a personal interview.




Convocatoria Abierta




The learning and teaching methodology used at IM Digital Business School is based on personalising the students’ learning experience as much as possible. This is why students can choose how much time to dedicate to their studies, and they can always count on the guidance and support of the centre’s suggested study calendar. This is why we offer three different learning methods:

  • Blended learning, which combines onsite and online learning.
  • E-learning, in which all the classes and materials are online.
  • Onsite learning, based on face-to-face classes.
All learning methods focus on giving the students ample flexibility when managing their time, always within a reference calendar. Your learning experience will be manageable and pleasant thanks to collaborative work, active participation, and permanent contact with the teacher who specialises in the subject. To ensure students receive the support they need, our faculty is comprised of highly-skilled professionals in each digital field.
Blended Learning
When studying through the blended learning method, students combine face-to-face classes with online work. Each student receives a work schedule and access to the materials in the virtual campus. Each student also has the support of their teachers and tutor.
When studying through the e-learning method, students work online through our virtual campus. Each student receives a work schedule and access to the materials in the virtual campus. Each student also has the support of their teachers and their tutor.
Onsite Learning
When studying through the onsite method, students attend in-person classes given by professionals in the field who are specialised in each subject. Each student also has access to the virtual campus with access to video tutorials, masterclasses, subject notes, and activities to further complement their training.


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Máster y Postgrado


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