International Studies (as a second major)

Saint Louis University

  • International Studies is an interdisciplinary program which must be combined with another main area of study (major). The area of the other major varies according to the student's interests, for example: political science, business, communication, modern languages, etc. Addressing topics of contemporary culture, society, and the complex interrelationships of international affairs in the 21st century, the program is designed to develop skills and knowledge in students seeking to bring an international dimension to their careers.

    The complete International Studies program can be completed at the Madrid Campus of SLU-Madrid, as long as the international residency requirement is met. 

    With an individualized area of concentration in international studies, you will learn your unique place as a citizen of the world.
  • Our admission criteria are flexible in order to accommodate students coming from different educational systems. 

    Students who have completed their secondary education in the Spanish system must present their marks from the 3rd and 4th year of ESO as well as 1st and 2nd years of Bachillerato, and they must pass Selectividad. Additionally, we require an official academic English exam (TOEFL or IELTS). 

    If you have questions about the requirements for any specific educational system, please contact the Office of Admissions at:
  • "Certificate Level" proficiency in a modern language other than your native language

    Residency Abroad



    Introduction to International Studies 

    Eligible electives

    One history or contemporary culture course

    And one of the following:

    Principles of Economics

    Intermediate Macroeconomics

    Introduction to International Politics

    Introduction to Diplomacy

    Intercultural Communication

    Sociology of International Relations
  • Salidas

    The International Studies program may be tailored based on your interests and career aspirations.
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UIC Barcelona. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Presencial en Barcelona y New York
5 años. 240 ECTs.
9.060 €/año

Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

Semipresencial en Villanueva de la Cañada
5 años.
A Consultar

Toulouse Business School - Barcelona

Presencial en Barcelona
3 años.
Convocatoria Abierta
7.950 €/curso

INESEM Business School

Máster y Postgrado
A distancia / Online.
1.500 horas.
Todo el año
1.395 €/curso
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