Master in Event Management, Protocol and Business Tourism (MICE) (Full Time) - Madrid - English

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Abril 2019


60 ECTs


Financiado. Beca


This program will be conducted in English in Madrid

The objective of Ostelea’s Master in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism is to equip professionals and executives to lead business projects focused on planning and managing various types of events (in particular, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE), as well as congresses, conventions and trade fairs), ensuring that they have a firm grasp of the concepts of protocol and communications and public relations strategies, and enabling them to generate tourism development specializing in the quality business tourism sector. The programme also ensures that participants have the business perspective required to be efficient in the decision-making process.

Reasons for taking Ostelea’s Master in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism (MICE):

  • In-company Master’s Thesis: The Master’s Thesis is based on a real company in the sector. 

  • Spain is the 3rd leading country in the world terms of the greatest number of conferences. Two Spanish cities feature in the Top 5 cities in the world hosting most events: Madrid y Barcelona. 

  • Campus in Madrid.

  • Organization of real events: Students taking the Master take charge of organizing the School’s event and protocol.

Practical placements for certain courses at events such as Mobile World Congress, Bridal Week and City Innovation Summit. The Master's Thesis is based on a real company in the sector.                


The Master in Sports & Leisure Management will give you the following benefits:

  • Global vision. Building a firm knowledge base in the sports and leisure industry from an international perspective to enhance participants’ executive approach.
  • Sustainable management of sport and leisure. Developing the capacity for creativity and innovation in sports and leisure companies, and their sustainable management
  • Challenges in Sports & Leisure Management. Broadening experience as a result of the transnational group of participants and international faculty, which enables students to prepare organizations to face new and future challenges.
  • Strategic approach. Focusing business management towards achieving results and drafting strategic and immediate action plans in multinational settings.
  • Executive skills. Equipping participants to manage and lead teams better and strengthen their confidence in themselves as a director.


Módulo 1: Sport: Introduction and History
  • Sport and leisure: history, sociology and values
  • The Olympic phenomenon: from Barcelona ‘92 to Rio de Janeiro ‘16
  • The new challenges of the sports, leisure and tourism industries
Módulo 2: Sports Management I
  • Sports operations and logistics
  • Finance for sports organizations
  • IT in the sports environment
Módulo 3: Sports Management II y Leisure Management
  • Human Resources
  • Law for Sports Organizations
  • Leisure Company Management
Módulo 4: Marketing, communication and public relations
  • Sports marketing and leisure  and sports tourism management 
  • Commercialization of sporting and recreational sports events
  • Sports event sponsorship
  • Communication in the sporting and recreational sports sector
  • Protocol in sports events
Módulo 5: Managerial skills in sports and leisure companies
  • Coaching
  • Meeting management, time management and decision-making
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Leadership
  • Sports entrepreneurship
Módulo 6: Master’s Thesis
  • Master’s Thesis


Inicio: Abril 2019


Becas y ayudas: Ostelea ofrece condiciones especiales de financiación, becas y ayudas para los candidatos admitidos en los programas de la Escuela.



Máster y Postgrado


Abril 2019


60 ECTs


Financiado. Beca


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