Master in project management - full time

EAE Business School

Máster y Postgrado

Presencial en Madrid y Barcelona

70 ECTs.

Octubre 2018

13.500 €/curso

  • This program will be conducted in English.

    The current market dynamism and business environment have led to companies and organisations needing to manage numerous projects in parallel. Within this context, the figure of Project Manager takes on key importance in organisations and companies of all sizes, as they play a critical role in terms of designing efficient business strategies that take full advantage of the available resources. Meanwhile, globalisation, the emergence of new competitors and sudden changes in business strategies mean that, as well as being equipped with an in-depth knowledge of project management, Project Managers also need to have highly developed personal skills and performance competencies.

    In response to this business demand, the Master in Project  Management is designed to equip executives to lead, plan, organise and oversee complex global projects efficiently and effectively. Professionals equipped to lead teams based on the development of executive skills and techniques required by directors. In short, Project Directors who can align the present needs of companies in terms of project management with the current requirements stipulated in the global standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI): minimising risks, creating new opportunities and achieving the objectives that have been set.

    Students who succesfully pass the course will obtain the Master in Project Management from EAE Business School. In addition, students who fulfill the established academic requirements will be awarded the Master in Project Management from the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya.

    In order to obtain the degree from partner universities, it is necessary to fufil the requirements established by the institutions.


    The main objective of the admissions process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates for the program by looking at their professional experience and their academic CV.

    Our aim is for all participants to make the most of the experience we offer through a context in which they may develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

    In order to start the admissions process, the form has to be filled in so that the EAE Academic Committee can consider the application. If the decision issued by the Academic Committee for the requested program is positive, the candidate can complete his or her enrolment.
  • Convocatorias

    Inicio: Octubre 2018
  • Lugares

    Barcelona, Madrid
  •  Certificación profesional PMP. Los participantes que superen el máster tendrán la opción de presentarse a los exámenes de certificación como Project Manager Professional (PMP)® del Project Management Institute (PMI).

     Miembros del PMI. El Máster en Project Management permite a los participantes darse de alta como miembro del Project Management Institute (PMI), en calidad de Student Members, lo que les da acceso a recursos de alta calidad.

     Consejo Asesor. El plan de estudios del máster se desarrolla conjuntamente con el Consejo Asesor del área de Operaciones, formado por 25 profesionales de empresas como Pepsico, Nike, DHL, Danone, Accenture, Fujitsu, Grupo Planeta, Mango o Grupo Puig, entre otras.

     Software especializado. El programa incorpora software especializado para la simulación o modelización de áreas o procesos vinculados con la Dirección de Proyectos, como el Microsoft® Project Professional, o el Risk de Palisade Corporation, empresa líder mundial en análisis de riesgos y decisiones.

     EAE, Escuela con certificación R.E.P. EAE Business School es “Registered Education Provider” certificado por el Project Management Institute, la principal asociación mundial de profesionales del Project Management.

     El 91% de los estudiantes del Máster en Project Management que solicitaron realizar prácticas o internship, las realizaron.

     Visitas a empresas. Los alumnos se benefician de un extenso programa de visitas a empresas y multinacionales especializadas en la gestión de proyectos. Algunas de las visitas son las que se realizan a las sedes de MICROSOFT o INDRA.


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