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Master Universitario Erasmus Mundus en Modelización Espacial y Ecológica en la Ciencia Forestal Europea/ Master of Science Erasmus mundus in Spatial and Ecological Modelling in European Forestry

Universitat de Lleida

Máster y Postgrado






2 años. 120 ECTs



Our programme is a two-year interdisciplinary programme that provides academic education in the field of sustainable resource management with an emphasis on current bioeconomy issues. MSc EF offers a new approach to forestry and nature management markets and it connects the increasing number of forest-related issues with a European dimension at international as well as national levels. The objective of the MSc EF programme is to educate professionals who have a thorough understanding of a sustainable forest bioeconomy as well as the European business culture. The curriculum is specifically designed to take into consideration the needs of potential employers and therefore our graduates are highly valued by national and international agencies, governmental bodies, NGO's, research institutions and  timber, paper and pulp enterprises.

In MSc EF, six European top-class forestry universities collaborate intensively to offer joint study modules in addition to their existing curricula. The MSc EF Consortium consists of the following institutions: the University of Eastern Finland (coordinator); AgroParisTech, France; the University of Freiburg, Germany; the University of Lleida, Spain; the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria and Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. In addition, Associated Partner HEIs in Brazil, Canada and China and Associated Industrial and Associated Scientific Partners contribute to programme delivery.

Our programme welcomes applications from persons who hold a bachelor's or comparable degree in forest sciences or related discipline Click on the link on the left to find out how to apply to MSc EF.

The MSc European Forestry programme provides an ideal opportunity to get a high-quality education, to network with professionals from all over the world and travel across Europe. Our two-year 120 ECTS course-based programme is well organised and students can rely on solid support from the MSc European Forestry secretariat with regard to practical arrangements.

During the two years you will be spending with us, you will study at least at two top-quality European universities, participate in an amazing European Forestry field course that takes you across Europe and have an internship in a forest company or institution which familiarises you with working life. At the end of our programme you will be awarded a double degree which means that you will be awarded a Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) degree by the University of Eastern Finland and a Master of Science degree by your second-year host university.


All complete applications that have arrived by the deadline with the requested enclosures will be considered in the student selection and for EMJMD scholarships. Incomplete applications that are not completed in due time will automatically be considered ineligible.
The eligible applications will be evaluated according to six selection criteria:

  • Background in forestry
  • Academic excellence 
  • Motivation letter
  • Work experience/professional qualifications
  • International experience
  • Recommendation letters
Each criterion is evaluated numerically and the ranking list is made according to the total score. Whenever two or more applicants have the same total score, the one who has the higher score in academic excellence will be placed first. Due to aiming at gender balance, when two or more applicants have the same score, women are favoured over men.


Our programme has been running since 2001, and we are proud to say that our graduates have exceptionally impressive careers, many of them attributing their career success to our programme!  Our graduates are indeed amongst the most sought after in the field by national and international employers alike. The majority of our graduates are currently employed around the world by organisations such as:

  • Forest and nature management agencies and governmental bodies
  • Research institutions
  • Forest enterprises in paper and pulp industries and saw milling
  • Environmental NGO's


Inicio: Noviembre



Máster y Postgrado




2 años. 120 ECTs



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